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In 2018, there were an average of four traffic fatalities per day in Georgia, and between 2012 and 2015, there were more than 300,000 car crashes each year. It’s important that you always try to be a safe driver in all situations, and part of that responsibility is to always carry auto insurance and to follow all traffic laws. If you fail to do so, you might have to get an SR-22 or SR-22A certificate period.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance is not and official car insurance policy. Rather, it’s a certificate that certain drivers have to file with the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles. To get the certificate, the enrollee has to call their car insurance provider. The SR-22 acts as proof for the State that the driver has car insurance.

The SR-22 is not required of all drivers. It is only required of those who have driven without active car insurance or who have committed other serious driving infractions like DUIs or at-fault accidents.

How do I get the SR-22?

Georgia state law requires all registered drivers to carry car insurance of certain minimum limits. If you fail to carry this coverage, you are breaking the law, and thus might be subject to the SR-22 penalty. Still, even if you have car insurance already, you might have to file for the SR-22 after a qualifying offense.

  • All SR-22 certificates will guarantee that you carry the minimum $25,000/$50,000/$25,000 auto liability insurance coverage required by state law. However, you can often buy more liability coverage, along with collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist coverage and more.
  • Your agent can tell you if your current insurer will continue to cover you if you receive the SR-22, or if you must look for another policy.
  • If your license has been suspended, then you might have to obtain the SR-22 before you can recover your license and driving privileges.
  •  SR-22 penalties last for at least three years in Georgia, and you must keep your auto policy active at all times during this penalty. If you let your car insurance lapse, so will the SR-22, and that could lead to several additional penalties.

When you get your SR-22 requirement, you might have to pay for your auto policy in-full at the time you start coverage. This helps ensure you never cause a policy lapse. 

What's an SR-22A?

Georgia is one of a few states that has two types of SR-22s—standard SR-22s and SR22As. The SR-22A is slightly different from the SR-22, in that the SR-22A is for low-level driving offenders, while the SR-22 is for habitual offenders. There are fee differences between the two.

Can you get SR-22 insurance without a car?

We offer non-owner SR-22 certificates. Even if you are not a vehicle owner, that does not mean you are not a driver. Your DMV record exists regardless of whether you own a vehicle; therefore, you’ll still need to get an SR-22 certificate to be able to return to driving any vehicle. After all, you committed a driving violation while driving, and that forced you to get the SR-22 in the first place.

How much does SR-22A Insurance Cost?

Your SR-22 insurer might require you to pay a nominal filing fee in order to file the certificate. However, where higher costs might beckon is in your premium. Some insurance companies, unfortunately, do raise premiums for SR-22 recipients. However, your Freedom Insurance agent can help you work in proactive ways to keep your policy rates affordable, even with the penalty.

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